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Identity Consult combines all of the award winning experiences to provide bespoke Development Management, Development Consultancy and Offsite Consultancy advice to a range of clients in both the public and private sector.

IC Development Services

Development Consultancy

This role allows us to bring real value to our Clients through investing time to understand their business plans, estates and assets. From this we can provide a wide range of services from options appraisals and viability assessments for registered providers on existing housing stock, financial appraisals of mixed use private sector developments and efficiency and sustainability reviews of university estates.

We provide Development Consultancy to a number of universities, developers, registered providers and local authorities, advising on how asset value and outputs can be maximised. We have also supported local authorities in establishing private development arms which generate capital and revenue for the local authority and therefore help to mitigate funding shortfalls.

A key part of Development Consultancy is reviewing funding options and potential delivery structures. These reviews have led to the formation of a number of Joint Venture companies which we have then managed during the delivery stage of the development. Through our knowledge of both the private and public sector, we are able to identify suitable JV partners with aligned values and complimentary skills sets to maximise both the financial viability of a project and ensure that the JV company has the required skills sets to successfully deliver projects.

Development Management

We have an in-depth understanding of the full development process from inception to completion, allowing us to provide support beyond that of a traditional consultant, using this development knowledge to provide support as follows:

· Acting as the Development / Delivery Team to bring Development Management skills to organisations with limited development experience;

· Providing supplementary Client side resource to assist with managing peaks in workflow or reduce the need to recruit to deliver one-off projects;

· Engaging key funders, preparing funding bids and ensuring funding conditions are satisfied;

· Preparing detailed financial appraisals to identify the most viable options;

· Supporting registered providers and local authorities in establishing housing development companies to deliver housing for sale including market assessments and sales strategies;

· Internal stakeholder engagement to ensure that all required stakeholders are consulted at the right time and in the right way to ensure a project is successful and a smooth transition into operation;

· Providing training and procedures in relation to development, project management and project delivery to build capacity within Client organisations.

Example Development Management roles undertaken recently by Identity Consult include acting as the Development Manager for a £12m affordable housing scheme for a small Registered Provider with the role commencing with an option appraisal of existing stock, followed by the development of an estate wide masterplan. Identity Consult’s role was then extended to the management of the delivery of the masterplan including securing funding from Homes England, provide updates to the Registered Provider’s Board and representing the Registered Provider at key commercial meetings.

We have also recently acted as the Client Estates lead for a £50m university development, ensuring all required approvals were in place and key stakeholders engaged in the design and delivery process.

Offsite Consultancy

We have delivered a variety of projects in this field including modular housing and innovative apartment schemes. We have a true understanding of the design and manufacture process, the constraints and how to coordinate the more traditional elements of construction with the newer modern form.

All of these elements were used to showcase our expertise at the Offsite Awards in 2018, where we won Offsite Project Manager of the Year.

Using our experiences we will offer our tailored advice as follows:

Briefing & Options Analysis – We will host an MMC workshop at the outset to establish the key requirements. From this, we will review the various MMC systems / options available and using our detailed cost and delivery knowledge of a range of MMC products, we will assess the use, cost and programme benefits of each MMC system, putting forward a recommendation in an options paper.

Project Leadership and Management – Using our experiences, we will lead a project and design team and oversee design development to meet the MMC brief. This will include producing a Project Execution Plan and a Programme which set out realistic timeframes for the process, ensuring key MMC considerations such as manufacture slots and logistics, and associated costs are considered.

Cost Plan Development – We will provide accurate early cost estimates for a range of MMC approaches to inform the design strategy. Using our MMC cost database, we understand and can advise on the cost impact of the site work packages on a modular scheme e.g. foundations, drainage, stats connections etc, whilst making accurate assessments of programme and prelim costs where savings can be made.

Gateways – At the end of each RIBA stage, as set out in the programme, we will assess the developing design against the MMC brief, ensuring the emerging project information and cost aligns with our client’s expectations.

Project Development – As the project develops, we will use our unique MMC understanding of the manufacture process to support with the different approach required when ‘manufacturing’ not ‘building’. This will include ensuring factory capacity and build slots are considered in construction programmes, transport and delivery arrangements are reviewed and considered, factory quality inspection regimes agreed, and the interface details between and site and factory elements are fully detailed.

Procurement – We will prepare a detailed Procurement Report which will set out the options and our associated recommendations, also including market feedback to ensure that the chosen option is attractive to the market, therefore ensuring value for money from the process.

Contract – MMC projects require specific amendments to ensure that contracts reflect the intricacies and additional complications of an MMC project. We will work with your solicitors to develop these, using our experience to identify the key areas that will need amending.

Valuations – In line with the provisions of the Build Contract, we will undertake monthly valuations both onsite, to value the traditional elements such as foundations, drainage, roads and services, and in the factory to value the manufactured MMC element of the development.

Programme – We have a unique understanding of the manufacture process, sign-off requirements, how projects are allocated slots in the manufacture process, and how materials and final houses should be stored. This allows us to undertake a detailed assessment of progress both on and off site, enabling us to report to you both knowledgably and clearly regarding progress.

Handover – Over and above the normal expected handover process, we will set out the requirements for the preparation and the completion of handovers on MMC schemes. These will include any quality inspections (the timing and location for these), building control sign-off and how this is done, and the expected warranties required for completion.

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