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IC Digital

At IC Digital we provide digital consultancy services which support and accelerate the sustainable growth of our clients through better, more focused use of technology and data across all stages of a project. We use our knowledge and expertise to develop transformation strategies which help you achieve added value through curation, management and validation of project information.


Connecting your Digital World

We understand the ways technology will transform your business and will develop digital connectivity by improving processes, digitally-enabling your people and embedding a culture for making data-driven decisions.

Our Mission

To become the partner of choice for digital solutions and support digital implementation through improved decision-making, reduced risk, greater cost certainty and integration of appropriate technologies and applications to deliver digital excellence within organisations and across projects

Digital Strategy

A digital strategy is a holistic approach focusing on the use of technology to improve business performance through reinvigoration of current processes or integration of new products. It defines the organisational roadmap to deliver competitive advantage and promote cultural excellence to support growth and sustainability.

A quickly evolving industry requires a forward-thinking approach and we provide our clients with advice and guidance on how their business will use information and data to plan for the future. We work with our clients to understand skills gaps and establish the right digital tools and processes to support organisational aspirations.

Digital Project Management

Specifically within a BIM environment, digital project management is the strategic and delivery focussed responsibility for overall governance and verification of information exchanges. Digital project management involves the planning, executing, managing and validating of a set of specific processes to deliver critical building and organisational information.

We provide digital project management services for our clients through fostering of a collaborative process and providing suitable tools and platforms. We work alongside internal stakeholders and external contributors to manage and validate project information by assembling, auditing and interpreting data.

Digital Delivery

Digital project delivery is the action of understanding and implementing the information requirements for a project and ensuring these are undertaken by key roles and personnel at project level. This can range from completing regular coordination reviews to operating as information manager with focus on information deliverables.

We have extensive experience operating within varying project roles to support delivery of digital requirements. We support all functions of the delivery process and work closely with the project manager to deliver excellence across the design and construction process with a view to enabling effective and efficient asset management.

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

BIM is a whole-life building process governed by international standard ISO19650 and underpinned by technology, collaboration and structured information management. BIM enables better-informed decisions to be made, and outcomes predicted, ahead of time throughout all stages of a project and results in optimised data deliverables for use in operations.

We are versatile practitioners who manage BIM implementation across the project delivery cycle for varying stakeholders. We work alongside clients, contractors, supply chain partners and manufacturers, to deliver BIM, in accordance with ISO 19650, across leadership and project support roles including lead consultant, information manager and BIM coordinator.

Digital Technologies

Digital technologies and platforms are electronic tools, systems, devices and resources that generate, store or process data. These enable digital services to be developed for an organisation establishing new business models, creating new customer experiences, and optimising and automating processes that deliver the outcomes needed to transform the business.

We provide impartial software and platform advice based upon the needs of your business or project. We have a breadth of knowledge of the typical construction software in use, as well as monitoring new available platforms, and utilise some of these in-house when delivering our role.

Digital Reality Capture

Digital reality capture and immersive viewing and record technologies are a fast-growing market. They provide digital audit trails for construction progress, form the basis for dilapidation reports and be used as collaborative platforms for project stakeholders to reference when making design decisions.

We provide reality capture services across a broad range of functions using our Matterport Pro 2 camera which has seen us capture digital records of assets and use these for marketing, to promote educational learning, for construction record and as part of refurbishment and renovation works.

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