Staff survive the Big Sleep Out

Alistair Henderson
June 1, 2014

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big sleep out

Identity Consult staff are back at work today after successfully surviving a midge onslaught in their Big Sleep Out last weekend.

A dozen members of staff, including Managing Director, David Dent, slept without tents in the wilds of Northumbria’s National Park to raise funds for Percy Hedley– a local North East charity that provides support services to disabled people and their families.

The intrepid adventurers headed for the Northumbrian countryside directly from the office on Friday afternoon and set up camp a few miles from the village of Bellingham.

Enough supplies were brought along to ensure the troops would not be hungry – or thirsty – during their Friday the 13th exploits (or indeed for several days afterwards!).

Alistair entertained with his ukulele while Archie kept a roaring fire going to help stave off the barrage of midges. David spent another night without alcohol which, as the night wore on, gave him an interesting insight into the effects of the substance on others.

During the week, as the Big Sleep Out drew near, the staff who hadn’t been able to make it on the night (there were several elaborate excuses!) seemed keen to point out the forecasts of significant downpours.

But there was no need to worry as the forecasters proved to be up to their usual standards of competency, and instead of rain, the clouds parted to leave a bright sky lit by a spectacular “super moon”–not that the campers were taking a great deal of notice of the heavens by that point.

As the skies brightened into daybreak, the gallant group arose to a task successfully completed, and while there may have been at least one dissenter claiming she was “never ever going camping ever again”, everyone was glad that the big winner of the night was Percy Hedley.

So far, the Big Sleep Out has raised approximately £300 in sponsorship. But donations are still welcome, and anyone else who would like to sponsor our fundraising efforts can do so by visiting our Virgin Giving fundraising page.

Next up in the Percy Hedley Challenge 500 is Total Warrior– a gruelling 10k+obstacle course in Leeds – with several staff taking part next Saturday, 21st June.

Total Warrior is then followed by a Charity Poker Tournament on Friday 27th June. There are big cash prizes to be won, with the top five places being paid in a 24-person tournament. Some seats are still available to Clients and friends, so if you would like to come along or you would like more information, please email us.

So far staff have held a bake off, the Big Sleep Out, and some individual fundraising events, with the total funds raised so far exceeding £1000.