Clasper Village, Gateshead




Gateshead Council




Cost and Commercial Management


Identity Consult were initially approach by Gateshead Council to provide cost consultancy services in relation to the circa 191 unit scheme at Clasper Village in Gateshead, and were specifically appointed to assess the Contract Sum and confirm Value for Money. Identity Consult were further involved in discussions and negotiations with the Contractor around several elements within the contract sum which had been identified for potential savings within the Value for Money report, resulting a contract sum which offered much greater value to the Council.

The initial appointment then developed into a wider development consultancy role with Identity Consult, drawing on our development management experience to review phasing, sales strategies, showhome arrangements and contract structures to ensure that this was aligned with the anticipated sales rates. Through this further review, a number of key sale risks have been mitigated which has supported the overall viability of the project.