Lancaster University

Contract value:


Start date:

November 2016

Completion date:

November 2017




Project Management Employer's Agent / Contract Administration


Identity Consult took a step into the future of quantum Physics with their role as Project Managers and Employer’s Agent for the IsoLab project at Lancaster University. November 2017 saw its completion, providing one of the most advanced facilities in the world for quantum technology. The laboratories enable the operation of extremely sensitive quantum systems and devices, which will enable the technology of the future.

IsoLab provides capability and access for the University and industry in quantum optics, nano-machinery, quantum encryption, extreme microscopy and also provides some of the lowest temperatures available in the Universe for cooling quantum systems.

Taking learning from the University Professor’s existing ‘Heath Robinson’ style homemade isolated laboratory and developing a design in conjunction with key members of the faculty, it’s unique features include three 50 tonne platforms sitting inside a 350-tonne concrete tank all isolated from the building substructure and superstructure in order to reduce any vibration, noise and electromagnetic disturbance.

The sophisticated facilities will allow the world-class team of researchers at Lancaster to study an impressive range key questions and maybe even progress our knowledge of the universe.

The ground-breaking facility was completed within a construction programme of 50 weeks, achieved the agreed budget of £1.9m and exceeded all testing criteria formulated by the Professors to evidence the level of isolation provided against sound, electromagnetic forces and vibration. The performance and quality of the completed facility stands as a testament to the design process which has facilitated the successful implementation of the Professor’s theories into practice.