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The need for embedding a digital culture and making information-driven decisions in construction and asset management has never been greater. Our team provide strategic and project services to support digital transformation and construction across all sectors.

At Identity Consult we are continually improving the way we work to provide the most dynamic and sustainable services to our clients. IC Digital provides that missing link which allows us to offer a full lifecycle service.

IC Digital is a one-stop shop for digital transformation and construction services which builds upon our well-established BIM Leader and Assurance service roles to better facilitate and support wider project teams and delivery.

It is our target to simplify the digitisation of construction and demonstrate how we will help make your business and projects more efficient and successful. We have advised many clients how to adopt new methodologies which drive resilience from within and show how the integration of forward-thinking strategies and industry leading technology and processes delivers consistent, measurable, and sustainable benefits.

About us
Piecing the puzzle

Your digital delivery partner

At IC Digital, all of our specialist team are experienced construction, project and cost management professionals, who understand the challenges of adopting new working methodologies and who provide robust, clear and consistent leadership to enable you to realise the advantages in this fast-changing industry.

We provide varying levels of support and guidance which are tailored to the needs of your business and your team. We work with all construction stakeholders from owner / operators to manufacturers, at both strategic and project level, to ensure that the information requirements are defined, managed and validated during the design and construction phases before working with the facilities teams to optimise outputs for ongoing operational management of the asset.

Our People

Guiding your digital transformation

A quickly evolving industry requires a forward-thinking approach. We work with our clients to understand their core values to ensure the digital transformation we develop exudes the same principles and ambition.

A digital strategy is a holistic approach enabled through definition of your information requirements, and their subsequent monitoring and auditing throughout project delivery, to ensure your essential information outputs are accurate and allow you to draw on this intelligence to improve future project and business performance.

We provide advice and guidance on how your business will use information and data to plan for the future and produce technical documentation to support your growth through upskilling and empowering of your people.

We advise how you will integrate information management protocols driven by the information important to you, and decisions you always make, which will deliver greater outturn predictability, better visibility and clarity, and a more structured way of working which will stand the test of time.

Digital Benefits

Managing your BIM requirements

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a whole-life building process underpinned by technology, collaborative processes and structured information management. BIM enables better-informed decisions to be made and outcomes predicted ahead of time throughout all stages of a project.

BIM fosters collaborative relationships between all project stakeholders, via shared outcomes, and positively impacts project delivery throughout the lifecycle by ensuring the deliverable is defined sufficiently early for the project team to structure the way in which project data (drawings, reports, models, etc) is created, shared and approved.

Our team provide robust implementation and management of the BIM process, ensuring stakeholder responsibilities are understood and information is structured, shared and validated, in accordance with relevant standards and governance, resulting in reduced project risk, greater cost certainty, better quality deliverable and enhanced asset management potential.

Stephenson cross-section

Securing your information

Information management is the cornerstone of effective project management. Understanding the answers to 4 key questions surrounding project information fundamentally improves efficiency and drives a consistent, responsible method of information exchange. Common data environments (CDE), or online documentation suites, provide a level of structure and a defined workflow which ensures your information is accurate, reliable and secure.

We advise our clients and project stakeholders which CDE best suits the needs of the project and advise and guide them in the procurement, administration and management processes to guarantee the validity of project information.

Getting Information

What we do for our clients

We advise our clients how to get maximum benefit from digital transformation through:

  • Advising how to define your information requirements, through production of organisational, asset and exchange information requirement (OIR, AIR, EIR) documents
  • Undertaking administration of contracts and reviewing design team responsibilities and ensure scopes of services are in alignment with project need
  • Undertaking the role of Information Manager to manage governance and guarantee the integrity and accuracy of information exchanges
  • Assessing the capability of all project stakeholders working within a digitally-enabled, quality assured, collaborative environment
  • Auditing and assuring projects throughout the design and construction phases, robustly managing incorrect or deficient information
  • Drawing on experience to provide advice and solutions to complex project problems
  • Monitoring and managing the production of COBie outputs for integration into your asset management system
  • Asset management planning to advise estates and facilities teams and ensure project outputs are configured to drive efficient operational management
  • Developing bespoke training plans to support upskilling and to de-risk projects
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How we support main contractors and their supply chain

IC Digital provide services which allow the construction team to focus on the work required on site by providing bespoke stakeholder services to suit your strategic and project requirements. We will oversee the digital delivery aspects of your project from initial receipt of information right through to handover and provide advice, guidance and upskilling to your full delivery team. We will:

  • Provide tender / bid support by reviewing content and responding on your behalf to appropriate parts of the ITT, providing appropriate support documentation as requested (pre-appointment BIM Execution Plan, CVs, etc)
  • Advise, develop and manage the implementation of information management protocols
  • Ensure robust set-up and administration of the CDE
  • Produce and maintain project documentation including post-appointment BIM Execution Plan (BEP)
  • Lead model coordination and review workshops and produce tangible reports / outputs
  • Complete model validation and data compliance reviews
  • Deliver supply chain training and support their deliverable responsibilities
  • Advise and guide the team relative to COBie information production and delivery
  • Undertake construction verification / progress capture using 360-degree photogrammetry
  • Validate the asset information model and resolve all issues, pre-handover

Coordination View - HIC

We will help you make the next step

Defining a project or business need for digital transformation can be a frightening proposition. Let us take that burden away from you and advise on the best application of information management, technology and data to support your business evolution. This may include:

  • Creating a digital strategy to define your aspirations and how they will be managed
  • Supporting cultural transformation through empowerment and education of your people
  • Embedding reporting metrics to ascertain maturity and progress
  • Defining and producing document templates, i.e. Exchange information requirements (EIR), BIM Execution Plan (BEP), information management plan, scopes of services, contractual obligations, capability assessment
  • Advising on Common Data Environment (CDE) procurement for information security and governance
  • Developing supply chain competency to consolidate relationships and ensure future sustainability and resilience
  • Advising on software / hardware suitability to maximise technology opportunities
  • Creating detailed information management protocols which support your internal workflows and allocate responsibility
  • Creating modelling and data protocols to capture information pertinent to you, i.e. cost, sequence, H&S, etc
  • Developing role-based training plans as part of your wider upskilling exercise
Next steps

Understanding your assets

Using industry-leading technology, we can create a digital twin of your assets and provide a platform for teams to view a project within an immersive and realistic 3D environment, accessible any time. Utilising the reality capture, our work will help your business make faster, more-efficient decisions and significantly reduce the resource and time required to understand the scope of a piece of work particularly when reviewing existing assets. As shown in The Malhamdale Showhome, we also provide this service to our housing clients which has proven to significantly increase the likelihood of consumer sales whilst also reducing the work required during handover.

The Malhamdale Show Home

Digitising the Shopping Experience

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, footfall on our high streets is at a record low, making it very hard for retailers to generate sales and remain operational. Attracting customers therefore requires new, innovative ideas. Our solution ensures that restrictions and compliance with regulations can be demonstrated but which also introduces an immersive shopping experience to virtually allow customers to browse and purchase in-store.

Digitising the Shopping Experience

Instead of trying to lure in shoppers by lowering prices or holding big sales events, innovative companies from around the world are utilising immersive 3D virtual tours alongside eCommerce to reinvent and improve the shopping experience. As we move into the winter season, all businesses should consider this as an opportunity to push sales through a different platform which offers a dynamic new market presence.

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