Director uses charitable time to continue role as a Governor at a local Primary School

October 22, 2020

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As part of Identity Consult’s commitment to social value, we encourage our staff to participate in a voluntary and charitable activities across the regions we operate in. This includes us supporting a number of our staff in being School Governors in both the North East and North West of England.

Matty Pendergast, one of Identity Consult’s Equity Directors has been a Governor at Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Primary School in Kirkby on Merseyside since 2005. In that time, he has been Vice Chair for 8 years and Chair for 4 years, with the School achieving a “Good” rating in its last two OFSTED inspections.

Matty has been able to use his skills from being a Consultant in the Built Environment to benefit the School in a number of ways. This has included the development of an Accommodation Strategy for the School, which provided a five year plan for the refurbishment and extension of the School. He has also been able to help the School in accessing grant funding and donations from business to improve the external grounds to provide play equipment and create a nature garden for the children.

Through Identity Consult’s commitment to allow staff and Directors to undertake voluntary and charitable activities, Matty has been able to support the continued development of the School and contribute to the learning and development of the children within the School and wider community.

Head Teacher, Mrs Joanna Mousley

“Matty has supported the School as a proactive Governor for over 15 years and has been able to use his knowledge and experience in a number of areas to help Saints Peter and Paul go from strength to strength. In his time as Chair, he has overseen the achievement of a Good OFSTED rating, as well as supporting the School through a number of challenges and successes. We look forward to many more years of working together to improve the lives of our children”

Matty Pendergast – Director of Identity Consult and Governor

“My role as a Governor at Saints Peter and Paul is extremely rewarding and I never fail to be amazed by the commitment of the staff, pupils and parents in the School community. I hope through my experience in the day to day running of a business, allied with my experience as a Consultant in the Built Environment that I am able to support the School in its mission.”